What an ISO Basketball Mean?

Many times you heard the word iso from the announcer but as a new player, you wonder what they are talking about. The term “iso” basketball turns out from isolation. I help you to know the meaning of isolation.  Maybe you are crucial to know about the term iso.

So let’s explain the full meaning of ios and know how it works in the basketball game, what basketball players tend to be ISO players?? Here is the complete guideline of what an ISO means in basketball.

What Does ISO Mean In Basketball?

Iso basketball where the ball-handler involves the one-on-one matchup play between the offensive players and the defensive player and remaining of the team members let the play happen and watch them. It is applied when the coach wants to isolate a particular matchup when the defensive team has a ball. Below, we discuss some breakdown of how iso work:

  • Generally, The coach gives a signal to the offensive player to run the iso play.
  • The ball handler indicates to his teammate to eliminate or get out of his way. It helps to create enough gap for the ball handler to run the iso play.
  • Hereafter, when their companions and defender are out of the way, the ball handler will try to score on his defender by doing a high jump shot.
  • In an iso play, teammates won’t set screens for the ball handler. Also, true Iso play means the defense doesn’t try to double the ball handler.

Many old basketball coaches resist running the iso play because they have full focus on the one offensive player. Instead, if they run too many iso plays can result in a team play called ball hog, it will remain your NBA game of today.

What Happens During ISO?

During iso play, no one supports the single player who is the ball handler but the opponent pursuit the ball from the player. The strategies and movements of both are different that are isolated and easier to focus on them.

This game will be held inside the basketball court it seems to be so easy but not at all, players and team members assure before deciding whether or not to do iso play basketball

While doing such, the ball-overseer has to realize that his protector is significantly weaker than him. In this situation, the player can stand and watch the ball alone while entering the guard’s attempt to take it.

Tips To Become a Better Iso Basketball Player Quickly

Till now you had learned what isos means in NBA. And hard to ignore the benefits that one with iso plays.

Is there any chance of increasing to being called for an iso play as a player?

Learn To Handle The Ball Daily practice your dribbling skill and develop your mobility. These are necessary to you if your teams give open opportunities to make an iso for an easy shot.

Practice Shooting The whole team has strong trust in you. You are responsible for your whole team and coaches. They hope you will never lose trust. The main goal is to make the score. Do practice again and again to improve the accuracy.

Get Used To Being Alone Basketball is a sport that requires a ton of concentration. But if you’re alone, you might feel uncomfortable or even scared. When you go to practice, try to always bring a friend along. Having someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of can help alleviate any nervousness or awkwardness you may feel.

Types Of ISO Players In Basketball

Moreover, the basics of isolation are the same but have certain types to set up this situation. If you choose the right player in the right place for the ISOS situation, you have more to accomplish or score. you can set up the iso players based on the under discussion.

  • Set the Isolated players around the corners, wings, or perimeters of the court.
  • You can create ISO situations using screens such as double-screens, cross-screens, or back-screens to deceive the defensive player.
  • Use cuts, such as I-cuts, V-cuts, and backdoor-cuts to get the dribbling ball.


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