What Is Pick and Roll Basketball?

Teammates use the pick and roll (or screen-and-roll) when they put their bodies in front of defenders guarding a player with the basketball. Offensive and defensive tactics are used by opposing teams during pick-and-roll.

Basketball Screens

Three players participate in the pick and roll, one defender, and two offensive players. By standing closely beside a teammate who is handling the ball, the offensive player acts as a “screen” or the “pick”; the goal of the first offensive player is to block the defender so that his or her teammate can move freely.
Following the “roll,” two offensive players make a move toward the basket and score. Different types of screens depend on the direction in which they move; a down screen, for example, begins at the three-point line and moves down the court toward the basket.

Steps To Master The Pick And Roll Basketball

Screen Setup

A screen must be set up by the ball-handler by directing your teammate to a specific spot on the court. On-ball screens involve the ball holder, while off-ball screens involve a teammate who can make an open shot.

  • Decide who will play pick means screen and roll means cut.
  • Then Give a signal only you and your teammate understands.
  • Maintain level with the position of your screener.
  • If you are taking the pick, set the screen on the defender
  • This restrains your defender from hitting the gap between you and your screener.

Make sure you don’t touch the defender when you are moving as a screen because if you do so, it will consider a foul called a “moving screen.”

Examine The Floor

Keep your eyes up and examine the floor, If your screener rolls to the basket and you want to pass the ball, look for his or her open hands as you exit the screen
In order to prevent your shot from being blocked, don’t drift sideways on the court when driving the ball to the basket, and do not take your shot under the net either. Rather, take off from a regular distance from the basket, which will prevent defenders from reaching the ball from behind. Try to learn to read your fellow players.


Set up a basketball screen using these two common techniques:

  • Pick and pop

Pick-and-pop moves are offensive plays where the screener “pops” over to a spot on the court rather than heading to the basket to get the ball. Sometimes, this is also known as the pick and fade move.

  • Pick and Slip

The screener will pretend to set a screen to throw off the defense. Once they throw off the defense, the screener will slip behind the defensive player and receive a pass.

Protect Your Pick And Roll

Try to practice pick and roll with your friends, in which one person acts as a defender, the second one as a screen, and the third person as a ball handler. Ball handlers can read and react to the defender’s actions by running into the screen, fighting over the top, or shooting the gap. Observe if you can perceive any clue from your teammate’s move that will assist you to find out which way he or she is gone earlier in the play.

Watch Live Games For Good Screen

In real NBA games, you can also watch how ball screens unfold, and keep an eye out for them whenever you watch a game. Keep an eye out for ball handlers who start at the screen’s level, get low, grab the screener’s calf, then survey the floor after they come around.

FAQS-Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do We Master A Pick And Roll?

We can master the pick and roll by setting the screen with the steps mentioned above, examining the floor, practicing pick and roll with our friends, and watching live basketball games.

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