Different Parts Of Basketball Court

During Playing on the court, you heard the different names of the part of basketball. Here we talk about the major and different Components of basketball that are used on the court and you must know the name of these things because people called the parts of basketball with different names. You may know the knowledge of components of  basketball court.

Parts Of Basketball Courts

If you are a beginner and do not know the name of the colored area you should read the detailed review of the parts of a basketball court.


Backboard, Net, And Rim Of Basketball Hoop

The basket of the basketball hoop is the most essential part of the court, without it, you couldn’t play the game. The size of the basketball backboard is 72 inches wide and 4 feet inside. The size of the ring or circle is 18 inches in diameter and its height from the surface is 10 feet above.

Front Court And Back Court

The basketball Court is Divided into two equal parts by drawing the line in the center of the court. Frontcourt and backcourt depend on where the ball is possessed. The one team call that their side is the frontcourt side where the basketball hoop is located. However, the other half side of the court is called backcourt.

front court and backcourt basketball

The Center Circle

Do you know what is a center circle? Don’t worry I will tell you. The center circle is located in the center of the court where the game begins. Two jumpers stand outside the center circle to tip the ball. It is a simple and most important basketball component of the court. The circle size is 11.81 feet in diameter.

Three-point Line

This arc line is located in the front of the backcourt and frontcourt. The shape of three-point line seems like a half-circle which is a very important part. If a player Shoot the ball behind from the three-point line they get three points, however, if the player shoots the ball inside the line they get only two points.

SideLine And BaseLine

Sideline is the two longest parallel lines that run through the basketball courts and the baseline run through the behind of the basket that is connected with the sidelines.

Free Throw Lane

The free-throw line is also called the lane or the key. It has an exact dimension center jump on the different locations. A player throws the ball in the center of the free-throw circle, spend longer than 3 sec and the remaining player stands along each side of the lane.

labeled parts of basketball courts

Low Blocks

Two Free throw line situated near the basket is called Low blocks. Where certain players should position themselves during a game.

Restricted Area

The painted area of NBA Basketball near the basket is a restricted area. It is used to stop the opponent from standing under the hoop for an easy foul. It is called a restricted basketball court area but in schools and colleges, it is not restricted.

Dimension of Basketball Court

Court Dimensions International NBA
Court Length 28m (91’10”) 94″
Court Width 28m (91’10”) 50″
Lane Width 4.9 (16″) 16″
Three Point Line 6.25 (20’6.1″) 23’9″
Period Time 10 min 12 min

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