pick and roll basketball

What Is Pick and Roll Basketball?

Teammates use the pick and roll (or screen-and-roll) when they put their bodies in front of defenders guarding a player with the basketball. Offensive and defensive tactics are used by opposing teams during pick-and-roll. Basketball Screens Three players participate in the pick and roll, one defender, and two offensive players. By standing closely beside a …

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How to become a basketball scout

How Do You Become An NBA Scout?

In order to become a good basketball scout, you need to possess a few qualities and skills, and there are some steps that you will need to follow to become one. It is important to know the fundamentals of basketball, watch games, and have sufficient experience to make recommendations regarding the gains and losses of …

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Three Second Violation in Basketball Game

What Is The 3 Second Violation In Basketball? Meaning With Example

The three-second rule applies on the basketball court while playing. There are two types of three-second violation called defensive and offensive violation and the 3-second basketball rule work on both sides. What Is 3 Second Rules/Violation In Basketball? The player who stands in the paint(free throw) longer than three seconds without doing any activity is …

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what does iso in basketball

What an ISO Basketball Mean?

Many times you heard the word iso from the announcer but as a new player, you wonder what they are talking about. The term “iso” basketball turns out from isolation. I help you to know the meaning of isolation.  Maybe you are crucial to know about the term iso. So let’s explain the full meaning …

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