7 Common Basketball Injuries And Prevention

Basketball players feel fatigued when they play aggressively on the court. During playing time you will be injured on the court but you ignored your injury. After a day you feel that your injured part could be swelled with too much pain and would to a serious issue. So, for your information, I provide the most common basketball injuries that you faced on the court with their treatment and prevention.

Most Common Basketball Injuries, Preventions, And Treatments

You may know these most common basketball injuries for identification.

Foot/Ankle Injuries

The ankle pain can be found when your foot and ankle joint turn into abnormal ways, Accidentally getting stepped, rolling, and twisted as a result the alignment of the foot will be disorder. After the injury, your feet and ankle feel dreadful pain with swelling. However, the recovery takes too much time like 3 to 6 months.

Prevention And Treatment for foot injury: Anybody who wants that they prevent any injury while playing, for preventing ankle or foot injury you should wear the right basketball shoe for the indoor & outdoor courts l, these shoes avoid slipping. and you can also use a pair of ankle Support shoes that keep your foot in its original position and prevent serious injury. If you want more protection use athletic tape or supplementary braces. Roll the tape around the ankle area. If you feel stress or swelling then do Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Hip/Thigh Injuries

Physical contact with players on the court is inevitable in basketball. When you pivot, run, rebound, and jump you feel stress in your legs, hips, and tough. If you cannot care about these injuries it would be serious.

Prevention and Treatment of thigh injury: You can avoid these very common basketball injuries by doing exercise. I recommend to before playing you should train your leg muscles by stretching and daily exercise. Warm up your full body before playing basketball this will keep you from common NBA injuries. Hip, leg, and thigh bruising can cause inflammation, pain, and weakness that can take several times to heal. Compression sleeves with padding lessen the effect of an injury. If you feel pain or swelling in your hip and thighs then follow the RICE(Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) method.

Knee Injuries Is Common Basketball Injury

Knee injuries are most common in basketball injuries. It is the third-highest incidence of accidents occurring in NBA sports. Knee injuries are mostly minor sprain and strain. A basketball knee injury can lead to severe pain, inflammation, joint pain, and muscle weakness. All of the symptoms can lead to serious conditions which can cause even greater damage in basketball.

Prevention And Treatment: Going to the basketball court you should warm up and stretch your muscle. If you feel any pain after playing or during playing you should take a rest, which prevents big damage, or getting a good knee brace is also an excellent idea.

Eye Injuries

If the ball direct hits your eye or gets a finger in the eye, it will do your vision blur with the lead of blood and also cause corneal flap dislocation and stretched cornea

Prevention And Treatment: Must Use protective equipments like glasses, goggles, or any face shield If you are a professional player or beginner use the safety equipment.

Wrist/Hand Injuries

Wrist and hand injuries are not common in this game but according to a study, 11% of NBA players have this issue. When someone through a basketball aggressively or Hits you while running, your arm or hand will be injured.

Prevention And Treatment: Some players don’t know how to prevent arm injury, here I spread awareness to keep your wrist/hand Healthy. Look to other players who pass the ball toward you, your catching style jam your fingers. Focus on the other player and what they do on the court, it is better for you if you run less on the playground. If you have pain in your wrist, use the wristband and give rest.

Muscle Strain (pain)

Muscle pain occurs when you stretch your muscle. It will increase the strain on your muscle which is not good for your health.

Prevention And Treatment of muscle pain: a common problem in basketball injuries is shoulder and leg muscle sprain because of extraordinary Moves. So, use safety equipment or padding to secure the muscle.

Facial cut/Face/Head

When the opponent hit the elbow on the face or gets hit with the ball gives imminent embarrassment which is probably worse or injures your face or facial cut. If your injury is not so serious like pain or swelling then apply the ice to it. If the injury is serious or deep cut it requires stitches on the head or face. If any NBA player does this experience, the league places him in the concussion protocol.

Prevention And Treatment: First of all avoid collision with the opponent player on the court. proprioception maybe increase the avoidance. If this common basketball injury is serious do contact the professional for immediate help.

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