6 Best Insole For Basketball Shoe 2023 Review

If you have flat feet, heel pain or any other problem then use the Best insole For Basketball. The basketball insole is very helpful for every player because it will reduce your body stress and keep your feet cool and dry.

Worn the best basketball insole for extra comfort, it will increase the life of your shoe. simply replace your basketball shoe insole with these sports insole and then continue wearing your shoe

How To Choose Right And The Best Basketball Insole

Insoles are made to assist one or more common issues. I consider you that which insole is perfect for your foot.

  1. If your heel slips, you need to use a simple gel, which will allow you to keep the heel in place. Generally, this is the best option for flat-footed people
  2. If there is too much in your shoe, then a full-length insole should be your first priority.  A full-length insole fills the gaps between your feet and the shoe. Flat feet have this issue as they are missing the arch on their heel which would reduce some gaps in the shoe.
  3. If you feel that your feet are paining or burning typically you need the best basketball insoles that are smaller and consist of ball cushions that can help.

Best Insole For Basketball 2023 Reviews – 6 Top Picked

   Spenco Support Max Best Insole For Basketball 

Spenco Total Support Best Insole For Flat Feet Basketball


  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Arch-support insoles for stability
  • Full rigid support
  • Control to reduce over-pronation
  • Advanced support for the arch and heel

Spenco shoe insole provides total support to your feet. It completely affects the effective areas on your feet and reduces the stress on the feet.

A 3-pod system consists of one stiff red pod and two soft blue pods that are placed near the mid-feet which absorb the shocks and prevent overpronation this pod affects the underneath heel for relief. This full-length insole has firm arch support and a deep heel cup for the flat footer, overpronation, and heel pain players also they keep your foot in the right place.

SpenCore forefoot crash pad gives extra relief from the foot pressure. The flexible EVA cushioning layer maintains the shape of your footbed to better fit on the feet.

Spenco Max is not just all about the support it also provides great comfort and flexibility. The anti-microbial allows the sole to be anti-odor and its perforation in the forefeet provides airflow(breathable).

I highly recommend you this insole because it typically runs along. And the advanced material used in this sole for better comfort.

Pros Cons
Firm arch support Sizing can be tricky
Deep heel cup
Anti-microbial keeps feet dry and cool
Lightweight, flexible, and durable
Base is made of EVA foam

   Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Best Basketball Insoles 

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Best Basketball Insoles For Heel Pain


  • Full-length insoles
  • Neutral arch support,
  • Maximum cushioning,
  • High activity for maximum support.
  • Best for heel pain
  • Rigid support

Power Pinnacle Maxx provides all the necessary elements that need your foot. This full-length insole always protected your feet from heel to toe. Its deep heel cup prevents slipping, provides firm arch support for flat feet, and gives excellent cushioning for comfort with the exterior heel platform.

These all attributes can give excellent support and stability which enhance your best basketball shoe performance. The anti-microbial cover keeps your feet anti-odor, dry, and comfortable.

The insole is made with a double layer of EVA foam which has the shock absorption ability for those jumping high or running on the court. However, if the upper fabric is not fixed with the sole for a long time, it will annoy your feet.

Pros Cons
Solid arch support The fabric covering may come off quickly
True to size
Anti-microbial &Anti-odor
Deep heel cup
Lightweight, Flexible, & Durable(EVA)

   Superfeet Flex Best Basketball Insole For Jumping 

Superfeet Flex Comfort Best Silicon Basketball insole


  • Foam Full Length
  • Synthetic sole
  • Ventilated Forefoot
  • Flexible heel cradle
  • Dynamic shap
  • Durable Aerospring Comfort Foam

Superfeet flex comfort insole is one of the amazing insoles because it has a triple-layer of shock absorption mechanism that absorbs the 70% harsh impact from hard jumping, running, and landing. This best basketball insole is specially made for athletes and has patent arch support.

This basketball shoe insole is designed for common ailments like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and overpronation and is associated with high-impact activities. Superfeet Flex provides the best full-length basketball shoe insert allows arch support and offers foot protection on every step.

Best for painful heels!

Pros Cons
Comfortable for all people Much thicker
Viscoelastic foam absorbs impact
Provides long-lasting comfort.

   Shock Doctor Active Best Comfort Insole For Basketball 

Shock Doctor Insole Best Basketball Insert For Fallen Arch


  • Performance and Protection in mind
  • Air/FX top cover
  • Forefoot and heel shock pad absorb shocks 
  • Reduce lower body joint stress
  • Shock-absorbing foam provides cushion and support

The shock doctor insole is special for every player because it provides comfort and easily fits in your shoe and the set molds their shape according to your feet. But they are a little worthy as compared to the other insole, they provide quality.

Shock Doctor provides excellent insole quality for the players. This sole is more flexible than the other orthotic soles. As a result, the soles set their shape according to your foot shape for extremely comfortable when worn.

Shock Doctor is a little special because it keeps your feet stable and comfortable and also offers a good amount of support. This orthotic insole has another feature, they offer a shock absorption ability that provides excellent protection while landing from a high jump.

The anti-odor and anti-slip help to prevent bacterial buildup and blisters. Rebound foam provides extra benefits while jumping. However, it a completely durable and run for a long time.

Pros Cons
This insole is pretty thin Slightly expensive
Comes with rebound foam.
Anti-slip & anti-odor
Molds the shape of your foot.

   Sof Sole Best Insoles For Basketball Shoes  

Sof Sole Best insert Insoles For Shoes


  • Skydex air bubbles absorb impact
  • Gel in the forefoot provides cushioning
  • Moisture your feet & keep them cool and dry
  • Perfect for athletic shoes
  • Best for running, cross-training, walking

Sof sole installed the springy shock absorption mechanism, the polymer gel cushioning helps to reduce the impact with ease. Imagine you are just landing after the long hump, you do not wear the insole shoe, your feet will direct contact with the hard floor which is very painful for your forefeet. However, if you wear the best silicon insole, your feet will be pain-free.

I highly recommend you wear the best basketball insole for your feet’ safety. This insole reduces your pain from the heel, has high arch support, and provides extra cushioning support for comfort. It is available in many different sizes.

The full-length insole easily fits in your basketball shoe, these are the best out there. The quality of the foam is quite stunning. The insole works perfectly for hiking, basketball, and tennis.

Pros Cons
Built for high impact Slightly less durable 
Top-quality shock absorption
Snug fit heel cup
Strong support


   ENERTOR Best Insole For Basketball  

Enertor Best performance Outdoor Basketball Insole shoe insert


  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Superior support and Durability
  • Material is soft for comfort & Pain relief
  • Absorbing the shock while landing
  • 1-year warranty against any faults.
  • Best for all sports

Enertor Performance insoles allow the foot and ankle to work together on the playground. Heel pain and flat footer possibly make the high jump, run, and other sporty activities by wearing the best insole because this is specially designed for the athletic player.

By wearing the best insole your foot stability increases and helps prevent injuries in the lower leg and feet. Besides this, the insole provides stability, cushioning, and comfort for runners, walkers, athletes, and others who suffer from foot pain due to impact.

Enertor uses orthopedic material that is lightweight, comfortable, and, breathable. They do not use foam material because foam is compressed with heat.

Pros Cons
Very High-Quality Little Expensive
The D30 shock-absorbing substance
Provides comfort and versatility

Best Basketball Insole For Flat Feet & Knee Pain Buyer Guide 2023


When an insole seller claims that the sole is adjustable it means that you will have to trim the insole to fit it in your sneaker. Many players(Men, women, kids) order the big size insole because you can trim the sole according to your foot and shoe size. And then they allow getting fit their feet.

On the other hand, some people choose insoles to their actual basketball shoe size. If you like to choose the actual size product for your shoe, don’t mess up, You should read the manufacturer size guide to avoid getting unfit for your feet. 


A lot of materials are used in the production of insoles like Nylon, silicone, Gel, etc. 

Nylon Its material adds extra support due to its stiffness, the heel cup is the best example.

Gel/EVA This type of insole is very helpful for jumping and running because has the ability to shock absorption and helps to add extra cushioning. In a similar way, the foam and gel pads absorb hard shock

Silicone The best silicon is incredibly durable. This silicon insole provides excellent support to your feet with a soft feeling that is good for your feet.

Most insole manufacturers use moisture-wicking material to reduce the odors and buildup of bacteria. For selecting the best basketball shoe, The Nylon insole is best for the supporting purpose, and gel/EVA foam is best for extra comfort.

Shock Absorption

The shock absorber mechanism is very important in the basketball game because a lot of jumps involve in this game. The best shock absorber absorbs the shock and prevents harsh landing on the court repeatedly and also saves you from ankle injuries and agitating knees.

Different insoles have forefeet crash pads feature which offers better energy return after landing. Absorbent foam or advanced tech insole provides this feature for reducing the impact on your heel and this sports insole provides extra padding for shock absorption while hard landing.

Arch Support

If you have flat feet or fallen arch issues, you should use the insole cushioning or air-supported in the middle of the foot, no matter what type of foot you have. The arch support decreases the impact on your ankles and feet and reduces joint stress.

The Best insole for basketball supports your feet with extra balance and stability in the middle for good comfort. However, if you won’t be used the insole for extra support your feet will be tripped which causes pain or discomfort.


You can see three different best primary basketball insoles such as:
Molded Insole This is useful for athletes with flat or low-arched feet and provides support with optimal comfort. This is also called heat-molded comfort.

Comfort Insoles This insole provides comfort full of your feet, it is best for a full day and long-distance running.

Custom Orthotics You can easily get custom orthotics from an orthotics doctor, but this is an expensive option as compared to comfort or molded sole.

What Are The Benefits Of Insoles?

Before going through the best basketball insoles, let’s talk about the main benefits.

Firstly, The is useful in everyday life and special for the athletic player who plays day and night. This is also helpful for improving body posture and increasing your playing performance which is definitely a great feature.

In addition, This is very beneficial in plantar fasciitis(heel pain), for people who have flat feet problems, and for those who gave difficulty while the movement of the foot. so, consider the best basketball insole, if you want more comfort.

Moreover,  Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, and broken toes are common foot problems for basketball players. Using an insole and proper Medical treatment can reduce your pain.

Who Should Wear Basketball Insoles?

People who have foot problems like heel pain, flat feet, and fallen arches can wear the insole and socks. However, basketball players wear the insole for reduced foot pressure and to prevent injuries to the lower body. The insole also maintains your comfort level and give relieve muscle fatigue.

But what if you buy larger insoles than your shoe? If you bought a large pair of the insole, no issue. You can easily DIY the insole according to your shoe or foot size.

How To Clean Basketball Shoe Insoles?

It is very easy to clean your best basketball insole Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to help you remove the grim. dirt, and other filthy substances

  1. Remove the insole from your Best Basketball shoe
  2. Use a brush to remove visible Particles
  3. Put a small amount of normal water in a dish
  4. Add a few drops of mild detergent
  5. Enter the insole in the detergent mixture and swish the insole
  6. Put out the insole from the dish after a few minutes of swishing
  7. Remove the moisture by wringing
  8. Now throw the dirty mixture and add clean water into the dish
  9. Once more Swish the insole in the dish and wring out the excess moisture
  10. Keep the wet insole in the air and let it dry

Symptoms Of Plantar Fasciitis Conditions Include:

  • Foot and heel swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Inflammation
  • Tenderness
  • Pain

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