7 Best Basketball Shoes For Kids 2023 – Buyer Guides

Basketball is the most famous outdoor game in the present age of era. Many of the kids want to join the basketball team in the schools because the best basketball game keeps them fit and healthy. However, the best basketball shoes for kids is a vital role in playing, the best shoe prevents foot injury during aggressive playing. Your boy or girl really needs a supportive sneaker that has cushioning around the knees and the back.

Best basketball shoes for kids and youth are your major need to play Basketball on the courts. If you buy bad quality shoes maybe they will harmful to your children’s feet during lateral movement. I explained in the buyer guides which type of shoe is best for your kids. In the buyer guide, we talk about traction, cushioning, sole, material, and price.

How To Choose Best Basketball Shoes For Kids?

  • Upper of the shoe should be resilient cushioning with tough material
  • The rubber sole groove traction should be wide and deep
  • They must be breathable, durable, and comfortable for your feet.
  • Laces provide a snug fit that is best who play basketball as a professional

Best Basketball Shoes For Kids 2023 – Top 7 Picked

   Nike Kids Team Hustle D 9 Best Kids Basketball Shoes 

Nike Kids Hustle D9 Best Basketball Shoes for kids


  • Great Cushoning
  • Arch Support
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Lieghtweight and Durable
  • Breathable synthetic texture

Nike Kids Team Hustle D 9 is a mid-top shoe that has a beautiful design that works for all basketball Courts. This shoe has a rubber outsole with traction patterns. A responsive and flexible midsole is installed in the shoe which is made up of lightweight foam.

The upper is a combination of textiles with the addition of leather material. The design is stylish and synthetic without compromising breathability. There is cushioning padding on the heel and footbed for comfort.

The shoe keeps the feet secure with full shoe laces for big kids and a combination of velcro and elastic laces for kids.
Different sizes are available in the pair of shoes.

Pros Cons
Cushioning and Arch Support  Velcro version makes a really loud sound
Sufficient Traction For Safety It may require a bit of stretching while running
Lightweight and comfortable


   Adidas Kids Own the Game Best Sneaker Shoe For Girls & Boys 

Adidas Kids Own The Best Basketball Shoe For Kids



  • Midsole EVA compound cloud foam
  • Ortholite sockliner
  • Ankle support with padding
  • Outsole rubber with abrasion resistance
  • Capacity to absorb jerks

This is the best basketball shoe for younger kids and children. The ortholite sock liner and mid-top are made with cloud foam which is great for any basketball position.

The mid-top cloud foam is an EVA compound material that is lightweight, soft, and sturdy. The shoe gives an excellent cushion especially on the child’s shoes for great support around the ankle and the ortholite absorbs the moisture and keeps the feet cool and dry.

The upper sole is made with a mixture of mesh material and leather material to make the shoe breathable and comfortable. A padded collar around the ankle and lace closure secure your child’s feet.

The traditional herringbone pattern used in the outsole with made of adiwear material, this rubber material is used in many athletic shoes that is abrasion resistance and non-marking rubber. The traction pattern has a great grip on outdoor and indoor courts.

Pros Cons
Superior grip and traction Sizing may be tricky
Affordable price Larger sides due to wide cut
Well-padded to absorb shocks
Great support


   Under Armour Kids Best Basketball Shoe For Teenagers 

Under Armour Lockdown 5 Best Kids basketball Shoes


  • Rubber sole
  • Air mesh tongue for added breathability and comfortable fit
  • Plush sock liner to maintain its shape
  • Anti-technology applied to sock liner to prevent odor
  • EVA midsole delivers a lightweight & responsive.
  • Durable solid rubber outsole with herringbone traction pattern

Under Armour Kids Lockdown 5 shoes perform well with a durable rubber outsole. It has a circular texture pattern extending to the toes to prevent slippage during fast-running on-court moves. The heel collar and tongue add to the comfort and keep the ankle sturdy

The EVA compound material on the midsole provides the targeting cushioning and absorbs the function of the shock while an anti-odor sock liner keeps the feet dry and stops odor-causing organisms.

The breathable mesh fabric on the upper and tongue keeps the feet well-ventilated and breathable. Leather material on the sides of the shoe enhances the structure and keeps the shoe in good condition. This basketball shoe is best for little kids and big kids

Pros Cons
Great grip and traction Tends to run small
Secure fit with padded collar and tongue
great ability to absorbs shock


   Nike Lebron Best Basketball Shoes for Kids 

Nike Lebron Kids XVII Best Shoes For Basketball


  • Excellent Cushioning around the forefoot and heel area
  • Knitposite upper material
  • Ankle Support With padding
  • Lightweight & shock impact

The upper of the Nike Lebron is made with the knitposite. This material is used throughout the shoe. By mixing the Nike fly knit with plastic yarn use it for the max flexibility with ankle support and small texture. This trending texture pattern comes in a variety of colors for basketball jerseys.

The zoom air pressure system is used in the midsole to enhance performance. The cushioning of the midsole is very lightweight and this advanced air cushioning helps to absorb the shock after landing on the ground before jumping.

best basketball shoes for kids have foam cushioning is very flexible and lightweight for your child. And the traction pattern used in the rubber outsole with durable performance. Recommended for above 8 years old kids.

Pros Cons
Excellent grip on courts A bit on the pricey side
Air cushioning in the heel and Forefoot area Little kids version does not have Zoom cushioning
Knitposite upper is Flexible
Lightweight and Durable


   Nike Team Hustle D8 Best Kids Basketball Shoes 

Nike Kids' Hustle D 8 Best Outdoor Basketball For Kids


  • Keep dry your feet
  • Effective cushioning around the shoe
  • Rubber outsole
  • Flexible upper leather
  • Breathable

Different types of materials are used in the shoe like leather and synthetic material. Its upper portion texture has small pores and deep flex grooves for breathability which dry the feet and reduce sweating. Nike’s best basketball shoes for kids are famous all around the world due to their effective cushioning.

The outsole is made with flexible rubber and its unique texture pattern is a combination of herringbone. The outsole traction provides you adequate stability with all types of basketball court

Nike Hustle D 8 shoe is fully fitted on your feet, and the midfoot hook and strap lockdown your feet that feel your feet secure and comfortable. Its leather upper support is flexible which means a wide footer also wear this shoe and play basketball without any break-in time.

Pros Cons
Flexible foam cushioning Its strap might be loose if you didn’t care
Flexible rubber outsole
True to Size
Don’t need any break-in time


   Adidas Kids Boys Pro Spark Best Basketball Shoe For Youngers 

Adidas Kids Boys Pro Spark Best Basketball Sneakers


  • 100% Synthetic material
  • Lace closure for Wide fit 
  • Textile upper with synthetic toe for durability
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Cloudfoam midsole for step-in comfort
  • Enjoy the comfort of OrthoLite sockliner

Like the other best basketball shoes for kids, this is also a combination of Synthetic and textile material. Synthetic is for the support and textile material makes ventilation. Its padded heel improves comfort and performance level. Its padded tongue gives you extra comfort.

Best basketball shoes for kids midsole has a designed cushion called Cloudfoam, which is the best foam cushion in kids basketball shoes. Adidas Kids’ Pro Spark has padded heel and padded tongue, which gives you ultimate performance, especially take-off and landing before the jumping.

Herringbone pattern which has made of synthetic rubber material. Both have an aggressive combination for a strong grip on all types of basketball courts. Its toe area is super stable during your playing on the best Basketball Hoop courts

Pros Cons
OrthoLite sockliner Laces system is a bit difficult to tie-up
Cloudfoam midsole Cushioning
Padded Ankle Collar
Breathable and comfortable
True to size


   Adidas Kids Boys Issue 2 Basketball Sneakers For Kids 

Adidas Kids Boys D.O.N 2 For Basketball Best Shoe


  • Synthetic Fabric
  • Rubber Sole
  • Mesh upper textile
  • Lace closure
  • Flexible Bounce midsole
  • Rubber outsole

The outsole traction pattern is average because they give the same performance on the outdoor and indoor courts. The traction has little slippage risk on the sole. But some of the shoes grip very well on the floor.

The material of the shoe is not very good. The upper sole of the shoe is made with mesh material and the inside is made with low-quality synthetic material.

The cushioning around the ankle around the shoe is very soft and the padding tongues feel very good, the mesh texture is durable with smooth construction. But the material of the shoe little bit heavy

The Support best for rough cuts and short jumpers and the lacing mechanism works very well. The base of the best basketball kids’ shoe is synthetic, so there is good lateral movement. The shoe would be tight from the edge of the toe.

Pros Cons
Great Cushioning Terrible traction
Support is Very Supportive Not for wide footer


Best Basketball Shoes For Kids Buyer Guide 2023

As you are going to purchase the Best Kids’ Basketball Shoes, it is your responsibility to check all the main traits. Our Buyer guide has covered the all main feature, you should know about basketball shoes

Basketball Shoes Material & Durability

The Material of the shoes is directly related to the durability and performance of the shoe life. If you are playing on the indoor court, the outsole rubber shoe should be very soft to get pattern traction. However, if you play on the outdoor court with the same rubber shoes, the life of outdoor shoes will be limited.

Check the material of the shoe before buying the best basketball shoes for kids. The basketball shoe manufacturer used many types of materials for outdoor use. We talk about authentic material. If the best material is used in the shoe that is more durable and softer. many brands used plastic-based synthetic but there are many other options to buy the best basketball for kids

The upper portion of the shoes should be breathable with small pores. There are some combinations of upper shoe materials.

  • Synthetic Material with Perforated holes
  • Textile Mesh
  • Mixture of Mesh with synthetic material

Keep in mind where your playing position is, a basketball court, indoor, or outdoor courts, parks, or the weather you play.


Always choose the best basketball shoe with the soft, comfortable, and breathable. Best basketball shoes for kids come in two types, one is air-based cushioning and the second is foam cushioning. The foam cushioning is a better response than the air-based cushioning.

I recommend you to buy the foam cushioning shoe, it will protect your shoe from any type of injury while dunking and jumping. The child feels comfortable with the foam cushioning shoe because they support her ankle and absorb the heel shocks.

Basketball shoes keep protected the feet of your child if you buy the best basketball shoe for their kid.

Should Be Fit Properly

The fitted shoes will be increased playing performance and add extra comfort. Nowadays, a sneaker designed for narrow feet is perfect for kids. A narrow fitted shoe secures your child’s feet but it is not very TIGHT.

Besides this, if the kids have wide feet, narrow-fitted shoes are uncomfortable on your feet. I recommend that kids who have wide feet buy shoes made with leather and suede as they break in from time to time.


The outsole is the base of the shoe, make sure the outsole is made with advanced technology rubber. The rubber sole makes traction from the ground and prevents slippage.

Best basketball shoes for kids have a wide traction pattern, the rubber traction pattern is a vital role in the basketball courts. The sole traction is fully gripped on the court floor and prevents you from falling down.

When you buy make sure that the shoe has the pattern traction, rubber sole, and softness for better playing performance.


The midsole of the shoe provides cushioning and support to the part of the feet. This sole helps to absorb the shocks after dunking and jumping. . Ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA material is used in the midsole that is very lightweight weight and absorbs impact. Some manufacturers use thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), both materials doing the same work.

Skill Level

You know that basketball shoes are more expensive than normal shoes because of the difference in their qualities. Best basketball shoes for Flat feet toddlers give you the best quality product.

Buy expensive and branded shoes for their kids who played basketball regularly because the latest technology is used in the shoes and prevents from sour and fatigued.

However, if played on weekends then go for the cheap and standard shoe.

Basketball Shoe Support

In the fast-moving game, your feet need extra support and foot protection. In this game, your children get more chance of injury, if your basketball shoe is not fit on their foot and doesn’t have the extra padded collar around the ankle for support. If you see your children become a professional in basketball games, so complete the equipment the basketball that Is necessary for every single-player equipment like the Best basketball socks, the Best basketball shoes, and many other things included.


Sometimes you liked the best basketball shoes for a baby, but they will be expensive for you. I recommend you buy shoes at the normal price because you bought the shoe for their kids. When your kid grows up then spend hundreds of dollars on it.

But not to compromise the Quality of the Best basketball for the kid

Why Wear Basketball Shoes?

The best basketball shoes provide:

Adequate ankle support Basketball shoes contain foam padding around the ankle to provide insulation and prevent any injury before and after dunking.

Well-cushioned sole The sole of the shoe is helped to absorb the impact of landing on the feet when the players jump

The grip on the foot The shoes are designed for pro players to have a good grip when they move on the smooth basketball court. The laces wrap snugly fit to avoid the foot from moving around inside the shoe.

Tips To Take Care Of Best Basketball Kids Shoes

If you want to increase the life of the shoe. So, follow some simple tips to take care of  your best basketball shoe for kids in the long run;

  1. Remove the small stones from the outsole. by using a needle and toothpick to clean the groove traction pattern.
  2. Clean the upper sole with the help of a brush.
  3. Take out the innersole from the shoe, and wash.
  4. Clean the dirt or stain from the shoe by using a cloth.
  5. Let’s dry the insole in sunlight.
  6. Use the water-resistance spray on the shoe

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