Best Basketball Shoes For High Jumping 2023

Are you an aggressive player? And want to jump higher to reach the rim to dunk the ball? Which is the Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping? A number of questions I answered in this article

You know basketball is a very intensive game and you need agility and quick speed. Your performance would be better by practicing or by using the Best Jumping Basketball shoes.

There are a lot of Basketball shoes available in the market But always choose the right Basketball for High Jumping. You should consider some attributes of the shoe while buying like the outsole, traction pattern, bouncy outsole for a high jump, shoe Durability, and its breathing quality. I personally see jumping Basketball shoes being more widely used in the future.

Read the Buyer Guide for more detail about basketball shoes for jumping.

Top 8 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping 2023

Here are the top 8 picked the best basketball for jumping shoes that help you jump higher vertically:

   Alpha Dunk Best  Basketball Jumping Shoes 

Best basketball shoes for high jumping


  • Rubber sole
  • Zoon air cushioning unit
  • Flyknit used in upper sole
  • Padded collar with Great Ankle Suppoort
  • Bouncy traction Pattern with great Grip

The upper material is made with Flyknit technology that is breathable and comfortable. The external heel counter is made with rubber and provides max performance while jumping and landing. Innersole will be further supported to feet that will lock your feet down.

External heel counter and secure flywire cables can make the extensive mixture to generate momentum when you practicing the high jump. The high-top padded collar is very supportive when you jump high for dunking.

The midsoles are lightweight and made with foam which is quite bouncy. Your underfoot feel natural and comfortable feel when playing on a hard surface. The Zoom air Cushioning technology increases the performance of the best basketball players. The wide traction rubber outsole is thick which extremely supports your feet and maintains balance and stability.

Overall The shoe’s performance is very well for outdoor & indoor Basketball training, its great traction and lightweight sole help you to jump high.

Pros Cons
Good traction Pattern Shoelace can get tight
Bouncy outsole
Padded & collars support
Cushioning for stability and balance

   Under Armour Men’s Best Jumping Basketball Shoes 

under Armour best Jumping & Dunking Basketball Shoe


  • Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Mid-top from arch Support
  • Molded textile upper for enhanced breathability
  • Webbed lacing system for a customized fit
  • Mesh tongue for airflow

The outsole of the shoe is made with synthetic material, the Havoc technology is used in the solid traction pattern. This outsole is hard but this the is best basketball shoe for a flat fleeter to jump High. The underfoot cushioning provides a die-cut EVA sock liner that actually feels natural during playing

Responsive cushioning within the midsole is very impressive. The upper part of the shoe is much more impressive than the midsole. The upper sole area has embedded with a 3D pattern and the perforated holes stimulate ventilation in the shoe keeping your feet moist and cool dry.

The mesh tongue and padded collar around the ankle give excellent support to the foot and help to leap high for dunking also its great insole cushioning system helps to jump high same as the pro player and beginner. This is specially made for the Best basketball players.

The main thing about the shoe is that it provides the HOVR technology in the shoes that give you bounce with a zero-gravity feel.

This feature maintains your inner energy, avoids the negative force in every step, and allows you to move comfortably.

Pros Cons
Nice looks Runs 2 sizes small than real shoe sizes
Great ankle support
Breathable textile

   Nike Kyrie 6 Best Basketball Shoes for High Jump 

Nike Kyrie 6 Best Basketball Jumping Shoes


  • Zoom Turbo technology
  • Lightweight signature shoe
  • Use leather and mesh synthetic material
  • Multi-directional cushioning with ankle support
  • Good for high Jump
  • Absorbs the shocks while landing

Kyrie Nike 6 signature shoes are made of leather and mesh material to create a high-quality upper texture sole. The upper mesh is breathable and has a moisture-wicking capacity to absorb sweat. This pair of Nike 6 shoes comes with padded collars that wrap around the ankles to keep the foot secure and help you in high jumps and dunks.

This is the best basketball Shoe For Jumping which lock your feet in the shoe for better performance in jumping with the help of a midfoot thick adjustable strap. The main advantage is that it prevents your feet from abrasions and from hard, harmful, and impactful landings.

Under the shoe of your foot is a zoom air Turbo included with the Nike Kyrie 6. With its wave structure and multidirectional cushioning, Nike incorporated ankle support. The shoe maintains balance while performing well on the court and is lightweight. On both indoor and outdoor basketball courts, the excellent traction and multi-directional bouncy cushioning deliver good performance.

Pros Cons
Lightweight & breathability Slightly tight for wide footer
Bouncy midsole material
Cushioning with Zoom Air tech
Multi-angle traction for jumping

   Nike Kd13 Best Basketball Shoes For jumping Higher 

Nike Mens Kd13 Best Basketball Shoes For Dunking High Jump


  • Full-length Zoom Strobel cushioning
  • Materials are thin, lightweight, and perform well
  • Good fit & wide base support
  • Lightweight best jumping shoe
  • Phylon midsole with extra support

One of the lightest basketball shoes and the greatest jumping sneaker is the Nike KD 13. The Nike KD 13 is a basketball shoe that uses the most cutting-edge Zoom Air technology and has the most adaptable fit. You get a better-fit thanks to the most modern technology and padding possible. Your comfy soft feet are kept snug and safe by the upper flywire construction.

KD 13 is one of the admired shoes for a basketball player. The shoe is specially designed for basketball players with a multi-directional cushioning and outsole traction pattern. These best basketball jump shoes have adjustable collar padding to allow you to tighten them and secure your feet by the lock. And it’s multiple midfoot cushioning ways to support your targeting feet

The mesh upper provides great ankle support and comfort. It also has an internal heel counter for extra support and a lightweight and Phylon midsole responsive cushioning that highly impacts the foot. Different colors are available in the KD13.

Pros Cons
Best for high jumps Slightly tight from toe pocket
Lightweight & comfortable
Affordable price
Breathable uppers

   Nike Hyperdunk Best Cushioned Basketball Shoes 

best jumping basketball shoe


  • Forefoot and heel Zoom Air units
  • Lightweight textile with breathability
  • Synthetic rubber outsole with traction
  • Soft tongue with half-size bootie
  • Wide shoe opening, true to size fit
  • Ankle support with foam padded collar

The Hyperdunk X Team is the Best Basketball lightweight jumping Shoe, the best pair for the high jump upper sole is made with synthetic textile to enhance breathability. The Nike shoes are perfect for dunking and help to jump high. The forefoot zoom cushioning used in the shoe makes them bouncy and heel cushioning protects your feet from serious injury and helps with hard landings.

Lightweight textile material keeps the weight low for high flights. The high collar padded and ankle padded around the shoe allows you to move the shoe multidirectional without any care. The shoe padding protects you from injury.

The shoe is very responsive on the basketball court due to inner zoom air cushioning that compresses air in the shoe and works as a spring system.

Pros Cons
Not require any break-in period Dirty easily
Lightweight, best for high jumps Shoes run a bit narrow
Bouncy and responsive cushioning
Soft and perforated material

   Nike lebron 18 Jumping Basketball 

Best indoor basketball shoe for jumping


  • Zoom Air responsive cushioning
  • Super bouncy and especially for the high jump
  • Hard rubber outsole with circular traction
  • The foot is stable & fits with a tongue & padded collar

The full-length Zoom stroble unit provides extra bounciness to LeBron 18 with the extra air cushioning. The inner of the shoe is super smooth and comfortable for every player. The sneakers give you a hundred per performance. If you want to perform well on the basketball court.

The hard and durable rubber used In the outsole with circular traction bites provides excellent grip on the surface. The shoe is super bouncy due to the double air units used, the user works like a spring system, and this is very helpful on the High jump. It is a little expensive.

Also, use the best basketball socks for the best basketball shoes for verticle jump

Pros Cons
Comfortable sneakers Heel seems bulky
Cushioning with Extra bouncy, Little expensive
 Zoom Air cushioning

   Adidas Questar Flow Best Running Shoe 

Adidas Questar Flow Best Womens Basketball Shoe for jumping


  • Ultra-lightweight cushioning for jumping
  • The durable rubber outsole provides great traction
  • The pair fits well and prevents blisters
  • The upper is lightweight & breathable
  • Soft ankle & collar padding to prevent injuries

The Adidas Dame 7 Best Basketball Shoes for jump shooters are stylish with an antique design, and their shiny finish increases the beauty of the women in these shoes. When you wear these jump shoes basketball on your feet, your look will be classy.

This pair of shoes offers you the best protection and support to jump higher on the playground. You can play full day by wearing these shoes without fatigue. The upper sole of the shoe is made with synthetic textile that is breathable and lightweight. The ultra-lightweight cushioning is very responsive and has great impact protection from cushioning.

The Durable Outsole is used on the outside of the shoe which has the ability to absorb the shock impact and give a great traction pattern.

Soft ankle padding and collar padding are very supportive, when you jump for a dunk the ball in the basketball hoop the ankle support protects your foot from injury while landing.

Pros Cons
Excellent shock absorbing It requires some break-in time
Lightweight and durable The shoe runs big
Perfect basketball shoes for high jumps
Supper grippy rubber outsole
Breathable and comfortable shoes

   Adidas Pro Best Jumping Basketball Shoes For Bounce 

best basketball shoes for jumping

  • Synthetic sole installed
  • Excellent ventilation with supportive upper
  • Lightweight build and soft
  • Comfortable padding
  • Reliable Achilles security

The Pro Bounce Adidas, the name suggests that this shoe is especially for players who want to increase their jumping performance. Its padding cushioning is very comfortable and fully supportive. Its upper forsage material offers reliable ventilation which is durable and long-lasting.

The style of the shoe is extremely very attractive. The bounciest basketball shoes help to high jump as well as you can wear them casually because it easily stands in as a pair of everyday shoes.

Additionally, I have experience with this, you can see that the shoe is well-rounded for those players who have weak ankle joints. The padding will support your ankle and help to play basketball. And also give you a good base to jump on when you play on the court.

Pros Cons
Rubber Outsole Not for the Wide Footer
Fully Ventilated
Best for Ankle support & High Jump

How To Choose The Best Shoes for Jumping And Dunking In Basketball


The foremost and important thing you need to know when you buy the best basketball shoe for the high jump and its durability. Your best basketball shoes for jumping are going to be used full day very roughly for humping, dunking, and running and a traditional jogger is not good for full-day wear.

Best shoes for jumping high are specially designed and manufactured for outdoor rough use on the courts. A number of brands provide you with the most strong and most durable shoes for basketball players that can increase vertical jump.


If your playing surface ground is slippery that will be dangerous for you, when you slip on the floor you got injured. So, a Great traction shoe would be safe from slipping.

For high jumps, run them vertically on the floor and then convert your vertical speed into horizontal speed for a dunk of the ball in the basketball hoop, But if your shoe has no good traction pattern you will be slipped during converting vertical speed into horizontal speed and in case you get major damage

I prefer you to buy the shoe with a rubber traction pattern for non-slipped. It’s really important to have enough traction patterns on your shoes so you can execute that aggressive jump.


Some manufacturers use a different cushion in the sole of their best Jumping basketball shoes. Your goal should be that aggressively protects and propels your feet for a high jump. Inner comfort is necessary for any basketball shoes to do the high jump.

When choosing the right shoe, having impact protection is important on the jumping shoe. when you jump high this helps to back down on the hardtop. A high-quality cushion allows you to high jump without any hesitation.


Your basketball shoe should have to pass the air in the shoe and moisturize the whole foot. Breathability is a very important factor in basketball shoes. Breathable will keep your feet cool and dry if you wear the shoe full day. The breathability depends on the upper material of the shoe.

Shoe Weight

The weight of the shoe is also important, as a lighter shoe can increase jumping performance. Look for shoes that are lightweight yet supportive and stable, with a binding lockdown framework to keep your feet centered.

Before buying a basketball shoe for Jumping keep in mind that your shoe should be lightweight because it helps to feel light and jump longer.


Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping have a binding lockdown. The binding lockdown framework helps to fully lock the feet with additional tough ankle support and extra comfort.

Generally, when you want to jump high for a dunk ball in the basketball your foot must be centered around the shoes. For successful jumping, you should have a supportive and stable shoe. This is very important when you jump high, as it helps to decrease the range of ankle movement and protect your foot from injury.

In basketball, Shoe Support is everything for the player, the ample support of the sneaker with a TPU heel counter protects you from any sort of slipping. The heel counter stabilizes the foot and prevents it from slipping around inside the best shoe.


Advanced material basketball shoes to hop in have been exceptionally made for outside courts, they are breathable and water-safe.

In Addition, they keep the foot safe from the stain if the roads or courts may have dampness their manufactured calfskin helps to avoid dampness.

Bouncy Outsole

The outsole of the shoe should also have bounce technology for extra spring capacity and energy transfer, while shock absorption abilities are crucial for landing safely after a high jump. Look for shoes with thick rubber outsoles, a grippy traction pattern, and a midsole that bounces your heel back to a stable position.

Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is very important for jumping because the higher jump has a hard landing on the hard floor. Select the best shoes for jumping in basketball to bouncing or jumping that can absorb shock impact. We should keep this in mind before choosing a shoe with shock absorption abilities like thick rubber outsoles, grippy traction patterns, and midsole that will help you achieve impact support and shock absorption.

The midsole also takes an important role in the shoe, the function of the midsole bouncing your heel and back to a stable position after rebounding the ball. To increase the jumping performance you need to select a pair of high-quality insole shoes. Pro Advice, check your shoe size and select half a size up if you want to wear basketball insoles.

The shoe outsole should be made with quality rubber in order to help with traction grip ground clearance and overall stability. This is important for players in order to increase their professionalism. We will also consider the rubber pattern that is gripped with the basketball court surface and its impact on shock absorption.

General Criteria To Select The Best Basketball Shoe For High Jump

Most basketball manufacturer claims that their basketball is best for jumping and dunking but don’t rely on his statement. The perfect bounce back is a requirement for the best basketball shoe for  jumping and dunking the ball, you should consider the following features:

  • Energy Transfer
  • Proper fitting
  • Lightweight material
  • Arch support
  • Shoe lockdown your feet
  • Traction
  • Durability
  • Rebound of the sole
  • Impact absorption
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Ankle support


What Makes The Basketball Shoes Jump High?

The special shoes which have Zoom Air cushion, Lightstrike cushion, Boost, Air Strobel, or any high-tech cushioning in the basketball shoe would help to jump higher on the playground.

Do Jordans Make You Jump Higher?

Many Jordans shoes are available in the market, some can help you get a little more on your jump. New advanced tech and lighter models or ones with extra cushion support high jump.

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Jumping Rope?

Yes, That’s what a player needs if they want to buy it for jumping rope.

Are Running Shoes Good For Jumping?

Running shoes are the best idea if you want to make higher jumps. They are also designed to absorb shocks while running on hard concrete. So you can use basketball shoes for running purposes.

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