7 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet & Plantar Fasciitis 2023

As you know, playing basketball is a healthy activity. Your child is keen to play basketball but cannot run properly because of his flat feet. So don’t worry because we’ve come up with some products for your little champ that will help him fulfill his passion by using the Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet in a very good way.

If your entire feet are directly in contact with the ground, that means you have a flat feet problem. Using a pair of cushioned/insole basketball shoes gives extra foot support to your flat feet that will make your feet comfortable and allow you to play.

The players who want to fulfill their passion for running and playing should need proper guidance, for this purpose some companies have designed the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

Keeping in mind the interest of your child, we have searched for some of the awesome products of the shoe industry that prove to be a perfect fit for your child. Let’s see the very best basketball shoes for flat feet list and description benefits, pros, and cons. 

Why do you need Special Shoes for Flat Feet?

Players with flat feet need proper arch support, due to this reason some doctors have suggested orthotic devices that can support your feet and enhance playing ability.

People with flat feet slip easily. They need proper support that provides them stability while playing on the court that’s why special shoes are needed.

By using these particular shoes, you can avoid injuries. if you have arch support shoes, you will feel a significant difference while playing basketball. These shoes have specially designed structures and support. So I personally Used “Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI Basketball Shoe”.For further details, stay in this article.

Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet And Plantar Fasciitis 2023 – 7 Top Picked

We have an overall look over all key features for a good pair of basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis & flat feet, now it is easy to choose the best fit for you. Here we provide a Reviews list of the best pair of basketball shoes for flat feet.

   Adidas Ilation Best Basketball For Flat Feet 

Adidas Boys' Cloudfoam Ilation Best Basketball Sneaker for Flat Feet


  • Leather and Textile
  • Rubber sole
  • Mid-cut shoes have soft, springy comfort 
  • Imagine walking on a cloud
  • Soft Cloudfoam midsole
  • Cushioning in every step

These shoes are specially designed for those who have a flat fleet with cloudfoam technology that provides maximum support to your foot. Mid cloudfoam Cushing gives you extra comfort while walking, playing, and running.

People complain that some shoes narrow from the toe pocket or there is not enough space for the toe to breathe. In the shoe, you don’t face that type of problem because cloud foam allows a player to wear this shoe for a full day.

This shoe is best for the aggressive player, they provide impact protection during playing and it’s cushioning around the shoe that fully supports your feet. Its midsole is directly integrated from the sock liner which is the mark of good shoes, the midsole maintains your foot posture and your feet will be comfortable in the shoe.

The outer sole is made with rubber, the rubber sole is gripped better with any type of floor. This sole prevents you from falling down on the best court by slippage. It’s worth mentioning that the 4 combined color textures in the shoe look beautiful.

Pros Cons
Extremely lightweight Impact protection is moderate
Very breathable
Enough room for the feet

   Nike Pro VI Best Basketball Shoes For Overpronation 

Nike Men's Air Visi Pro Best Basketball Shoe For Flat Feet


  • Mixture of synthetic and mesh material is breathable
  • Herringbone traction pattern
  • Padded heel and collar tongue ensure your ankle points
  • Midsole Phylon foam absorbs the shocks
  • Breathable and Comfortable

The Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI is the best pair of basketball shoes for flat feet and overpronation that checks many boxes. 

The upper of the shoe is made with a mixture of synthetic and mesh material that is breathable, and comfortable, and keeps your feet cool and dry. The herringbone pattern used in the rubber sole with flex groove and wide traction pattern offers great stability and flexibility. This is the best basketball shoe for flat feet and heel pain that you need because the shoe is a defense foot and keeps them stable.

The padded heel and collar tongue ensure your ankle points are supported and secure your feet from injury. With the help of lace-up closure, you can tighten your feet for a snug fit. A midsole made with phylon foam absorbs the shocks during hard landing before jumping.

However, cushioned footbeds and Tri-vis-Air-Sole give you excellent air cushioning. You can use this shoe for spins and turns around the pivot point at the forefeet for better control. Overall, this shoe provides enough facilities for your feet to control the motion of your feet without hesitation dribble

This shoe is not only for the people who have a flat fleet and overpronation most people use in general outdoor basketball shoes.

Pros Cons
Good traction and stability Can be noisy
Breathable upper and lining
Excellent support for the feet and ankles

   Adidas Postmove Best High Top Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet 

Adidas Men's Postmove Best Basketball For plantar fasciitis


  • Upper sole is lightweight and durable
  • Multi-directional & full-length outsole
  • Supportive high arch for ankle
  • Collar and tongue padding for comfort

The Adidas Men’s Postmove Mid is one of the best basketball shoes for flat feet heel pain and fallen arches. The upper of the shoe is made with supportive mesh material that is lightweight and durable. This shoe has a ventilated breathable sock upper and underfoot midsole cushioning system that provides instant comfort and support.
The full-length outsole with a multi-directional outsole ensures stability throughout your shoe and keeps you comfortable while playing.

Generally, the best basketball shoes are designed for flat wide feet, arch support that has a high arch. If you have no arches or low arches then your toe will curl up and your feet will sag.

This is best for those who have fallen arch or flat feet, and heel pain problems like the name plantar fasciitis(Heel pain) and Achilles tendonitis. Normal people also wear this shoe because it is best for outdoor with the best socks.

Its padded tongue and collar of the shoe with midsole give maximum arch support that’s perfect for people with flat feet or fallen arches 

Pros Cons
Ultra-thin, non-visible outsole Outsole rubber not good during walk
Padded tongue and collar
Durable and lightweight.
Upper is made of supportive mesh

   Adidas Hoops 2.0 Best Arch Support Basketball Shoes 

Adidas Men's Hoops 2.0 Best heel pain Basketball Shoe


  • 100% Textile Synthetics
  • Rubber sole
  • soft fabric sockliner and a textile lining
  • Lace closure for a custom fit
  • Synthetic leather upper for a durable
  • rubber outsole for durable traction

The Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 basketball shoe is best for flat-footed and fallen-arched basketball players because of the shoe design and ankle support which help keep your foot very secure in the shoe. The low heel, which makes it easier to move everywhere, and a sock liner, and midsole provide comfort and arch support to allow you to play longer without any plantar fasciitis pain.

This lower pattern is made with a high-quality rubber outsole that has an amazing traction grip. The rubber sole is perfect for any type of floor, it avoids slippage. A no-sew upper material makes this shoe breathable, and comfortable with good ventilation, but it is still durable enough.

A good grip helps to reduce stress on the ball of your feet, heel, and toes while playing with fellows.

Pros Cons
Low-cut upper ankle for movement Does not have arch support
All-new rubber outsole for traction
Lighforefoot rubber provides cushioning

   Under Armour Curry 5 Best Flat Feet Basketball Shoes 

Under Armour Men's Curry 5 Best Flat feet basketball sneaker review 2022


  • Textile and Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately mid-top from arch
  • Lightweight for agility & speed
  • Full knit construction & lockdown lacing
  • Responsive EVA cushioning midsole 

Under Armour Men’s Curry 5 Best basketball shoes for flat feet use very lightweight material with excellent support. This shoe enhances your agility and also prevents your feet from being strained while playing. This shoe relieves your plantar fasciitis movement.

The updated material use, as compared to previous models. Lacing provides consistent lockdown with comfort and support all around the feet.

The Anafoam cushioning layer around the forefoot area provides maximum heel support like no other. No extra lateral movements that contain stress on the heels. Moreover, it provides extra support to the feet, it has EVA cushioning midsoles that support your fallen arch and also enhance the responsiveness of the underfoot.

The great traction used in the outsole is very grippy with the floor. And the mixture of EVA cushioning and traction sole allows you to jump high for dunking the ball in the hoop

Pros Cons
Great grippy outsole. Required break-in.
Simple color with a stylish look
Excellent lockdown 360 comfort
Lightweight for gain speed

   AND 1  Attack Low Basketball Shoes 

AND 1 Men's Attack Low Best Basketball Shoe for Fallen Arch


  • 100% Textile and Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • micromesh upper with the strategic substrate
  • Low-cut collar for light mobility.
  • Nylon ghillie attached to the interior footbed
  • Injection-molded shank for midfoot protection
  • Harmonix RX cushioning inlayed

We provide another basketball shoe review for flat feet. The upper is made with micro mesh with a strategic substrate which is a lightweight construction. It won’t feel heavy on your feet, so this shoe makes your jumps easier on the playground or court.

Your ankle securely fits in the low-cut collar design shoe, it will improve the mobility of your movement. Besides this, it comes with nylon ghillie eyelets, which offer an extraordinary secure grip to the foot. And its midfoot protection(Injection Molded Shank) completely protects your feet from any type of injury.

Highly integrated Harmonie Cushioning allows comfort and helps the movement of your feet that are needed in basketball shoes. This extraordinary shoe is not good for a wide footer because it is narrow from the toe area. But the shoe should be a good option for basketball.

Pros Cons
Highly Lightweight Toe Box Narrow for Some Users.
Nylon Gillie Footed Keeps the Shoe Secure
Cut Collar Improves Mobility
Quality Cushioning for Comfort

   Nike Air Force 1 High ’07 Best Basketball Shoes 

Nike Air Force 1 High Best women Basketball Shoe for Flat Feet Review


  • Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Ankle” from arch
  • Nike Air unit in the midsole
  • Revolutionary Air-Sole technology in the heel

Nike Air Force 1 Highs give some of the best support for basketball players with or without flat feet because it has quality soft cushioning material with a high-top ankle design to keep your entire foot secure on the hardwood court. This shoe is best for both men & women.

The Nike air force is made with leather material for breathability. This material keeps the shoe ventilated during playing and feel your feet cool and dry. These are the kinds that have the alternative not only in basketball but in fashion. So, you wear the shoe outside at the courts.

Every best product has some drawbacks, it is great for flat feet but they are bulky and heavy shoes. You feel heavy while playing on the ground. Secondly, they are a secure fit, and while it is possible to put insoles in shoes, they can get cramped. After playtime, the shoe will be prone to crease.

Pros Cons
High-top ankle provides stability Bulky and heavy-feeling
On and off basketball court Creases easily
Well-cushioned and top-notch quality
Iconic design

Best Basketball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis And Flat Feet 2023 – Buyer Guide


The shoe that has mesh/fuse-like material performs perfectly well. It has a mesh woven design with a TPU coating. The best Basketball Shoe for flat feet should have padding inside that protects your ankle and skin from disaster.

The material of the shoe is super flexible that feel good while playing and running. It has incredible comfort and is breathable even on the asphalt surface. Furthermore, try to find a perfect shoe that protects your feet and fulfills your need, and keep your feet comfortable.


Proper cushioning around heels, ankles, and forefoot is very important when choosing a good pair of basketball shoes for flat feet. This proper cushioning gives additional protection to the ankles while running & jumping on the court. Your feet will also feel comfortable when pivoting and looking for that opening to take your shot in the best way. 

Comfort/Arch Support

The arch under the feet is the main feature that helps in marinating overall balance. It plays an important role in supporting body posture, gives stability to stand upright, and absorbs shocks. So, it is vital while choosing shoes that must have arch support and midsole to absorb shock with good stability. 


Each brand has its own shoe sizes, so it is very tricky to select a pair of perfect fit and the best basketball shoes for flat feet to consider in your mind. Sizes may vary within the same brand depending on the construction of the shoes. You must go through shoe guides because an ill-fitted shoe is a problem for any activity not only for basketball.

When you play on the basketball court with loosely fitted shoes, maybe you get injured. The length and width of the shoe matter a lot, so ensure that there must be a centimeter between the longest toe and the shoe. The width must accommodate the widest part of the feet. 


Traction is a significant feature while you have flat feet because it helps in keeping your balance and stability and also prevents slippage as the player goes through the fast motions. Traction comes from the type of material used, the pattern of the outer sole, and the amount of surface area that comes in contact with the floor.
The optimal groove traction pattern is provided by the traditional herringbone pattern on a rubber outer sole.

How Do You Fix A Fallen Arch?

The fallen arch problem is the feet directly in contact with the floor(flat feet). It’s a normal part of some child’s, if you left it untreated it creates more problems. In some cases, flat feet are inherited from hereditary & families. Here are the lists to fix a fallen arch:

  1. You should Perform exercises daily to improve the flexibility of your feet and ankles joints, which can decrease the stress on the arch. This is helpful when you are walking for long periods by stretching the feet and lower leg muscles.
  2. Great cushioning, correct support fit, and ankle support Best Basketball shoes for flat feet will be helpful to reduce the stress on your fallen arches. 
  3. For restoring the normal position of the feet, you should do exercise on daily basis. Daily exercise reduces the stress on the feet and lower legs.
  4. Use the orthotics devices to reduce the pain of the plantar fasciitis(heel pain). Insert the orthotic insole in the shoe which pressures off your feet and redistributes. The insole also corrects your fallen arch posture.
  5. Take advice from the doctor or a podiatrist(feet or lower leg specialist) about the raised portions of the insoles in your shoes to decrease the pressure off the inside of your feet.
  6. Apply the ice cubes to swollen areas of your foot which helps to reduce the inflammation and pain
  7. The doctor prescribed the medicines for heel pain & also recommend gentle stretching exercises for foot flexibility.
  8. Visit your podiatrist consultant for a custom insole designed to support your arch and reduce pressure on your feet.
  9. Use a night splint while you sleep to help strain the plantar fascia tissue in your foot and reduce morning stiffness.

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